Sherpa leader coaching

Become a high-performing, flourishing leader

What mountain are you climbing?

Maybe this last year was really hard for you or your business and next year isn’t looking any better.

Maybe you’re starting something new or wondering if you should start something new, but you don’t have any clear direction.

You want to work hard and see big results, but you don’t want that to come at the cost of your personal health, your family, or your other relationships. 

It’s tough to climb alone without the right equipment.

What you need are tools that help you become a high-performing, flourishing leader and a tribe of others who are committed to growth and real results.

your Journey

The mountain isn’t getting any smaller, but your goals are possible if you clarify your goals, grow your capacity, and connect with other like-minded leaders. The journey starts with you and then ripples out to those around you.


Cultivate greater self awareness of where you are right now, how you’re wired, and how to move to where you’re trying to go. 


Multiply that growth into others around you. Build better relationships with those you lead and help them learn new skills and reach higher levels. 


Continually lead others to higher levels. Adopt behaviors that will boost your leadership and avoid pitfalls that create toxic cultures and undermine performance.

what is sherpa coaching?

Sherpa Coaching is an intentional 12-month+ process is designed to help you be the best leader you can be in each circle of influence in your life. Here’s how.

Asynchronous learning

Access to weekly 30 minute video training focused on learning & practical tools

Leadership application

A weekly "100 Exercise" focused on helping you improve your own personal leadership & "X Challenge" focused on helping you take what you have learned and impact others immediately

Group coaching

Every other week one-hour core group sessions with a certified expert aimed at deepening understanding & application while providing accountability on the journey

Additional resources

Access to the GiANT platform, including additional live training sessions with industry experts, and membership in a Sherpa Training Group with leaders from around the world

the benefits

develop yourself

Actively invest in your own growth to become the best leader you can be

Improve results

Systematic, proven process for developing toward optimal health & high-performance

Practice Leadership

Real-world & immediate application of what you are learning each week

REceive support

Regular connection & support from a group of leaders walking through the process with you


Sherpa Coaching is a 12 month commitment. Early bird special pricing is available through Cyber Monday 2021!


Per month


Deadline Nov 29, 2021



Per month


Deadline Nov 29, 2021


If you are interested in becoming a leader worth following alongside a cohort of other leaders, click the button below to find a time to talk more about the opportunity with me.

By scheduling a conversation, you’re not committing to anything. You’re just saying you’re interested in talking about your goals with me.

Space is limited so don’t hesitate if this sounds like it would be a good fit for you.


For best results, you’ll want to invest 4-6 hours a month.

Each week you’ll access an on-demand video covering one of our tools. Watch the video and complete the application exercises.

Twice a month, I’ll host a live group call lasting about an hour. We’ll share what we’re learning, support, and encourage one another.

You’ll also have access to me in between live group calls for questions and support.

If you have more questions, I’m happy to talk about them. Just schedule a meeting with me so we can chat.