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Understand your unique Leadership Voice

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I help people clarify purpose, cultivate personal growth, and build positive relationships so they can create high-performing, flourishing teams.

Hi, I'm Tim!

I connect people to the tools that help them become high performing, flourishing leaders. 

I’m a team and leadership coach based out of New Jersey. I’ve been coaching emerging leaders in competence, character, and connection for almost a decade. In 2019, I made it official by starting my business and becoming certified to use the tools and assessments created by GiANT Worldwide to unlock the potential of people in organizations. 

I am passionate about coaching emerging leaders and connecting them to the tools they can use to build their influence and accomplish their goals. I enjoy bringing people together in a safe– even fun– environment to engage in learning and transformation. I believe that you can’t give what you don’t already possess, so I focus on cultivating health and transformation in the leader first before helping them multiply it out to their team.

When not talking about developing leaders, I love to talk about good coffee, good food, and good music.

My solutions combine state-of-the-art leadership development technology with a trusted, personal approach.

Hear From my Clients

“I couldn’t be happier with how [Tim is] handling the training and education and culture for us at Prairieville! It really does bring peace to my heart and hope for the future at the facility.” 

 – John McLean | CEO, Prairieville General Hospital


“[Tim] has the unique ability to see what isn’t working well, diagnose the problem, and discuss the issues so our team can work together to resolve the challenge. Whether he is working behind the scenes or maneuvering interpersonal team member dynamics – he has become a valued team member who both leads others well and leads teams.”

– Eunice Au | Director, Institute for Cultural Communicators Academy

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Understand your unique Leadership Voice

Everyone speaks, but not everyone is truly heard and understood. Taking the 5 Voices Assessment helps you cultivate personal growth at work, home, and everywhere else.

After completing the assessment, you’ll gain insights into your own leadership style. You can use those insights to improve your performance and learn to work with people who are wired differently than you.

Build team trust and alignment

Unlock the potential of your people through data-driven people development for the 21st century. The GiANT OS gives you access to tools and assessments to build a positive work culture.

Create a workspace for your team which gives you access to assessments, insights, training, and support. 

Create a people development plan

Join a one-on-one call to diagnose each area of your team’s performance to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Identify your areas for improvement and create a plan to strengthen your team’s performance and resilience.

You’ll walk away with a Growth Plan you can use to kickstart your team’s people development process