Create High-Performing, Flourishing Teams

What do you want out of work?

It’s probably more than just a paycheck.

However, no matter who you are, it seems like there are always problems at work.

Poor communication

Team conflict and tension

Not enough training

High turnover

Managers don’t lead

Team doesn’t take ownership

If you experience just one or two of these, you know how much a toxic culture lowers people’s performance.

I help people clarify purpose, cultivate personal growth, and build positive relationships so they can create high-performing, flourishing teams.

My solutions combine state-of-the-art leadership development technology with a trusted, personal approach.

About Tim

I’ve been coaching emerging leaders in competence, character, and connection for almost a decade. I enjoy bringing people together in a safe– even fun– environment to engage in learning and transformation. I ask questions and provide resources designed to clarify problems and help people think differently. When not talking about developing leaders, I love to talk about good coffee, good food, and good music.

About the Technology

I’m a certified consultant with GiANT Worldwide. GiANT unlocks the potential of people through data-driven people development for the 21st century. I implement their revolutionary Invincible Operating System which combines tools and assessments in a process proven to provide simple, scalable, people development.

Hear From The Clients

“I couldn’t be happier with how [Tim is] handling the training and education and culture for us at Prairieville! It really does bring peace to my heart and hope for the future at the facility.” 

 – John McLean | CEO, Prairieville General Hospital


“[Tim] has the unique ability to see what isn’t working well, diagnose the problem, and discuss the issues so our team can work together to resolve the challenge. Whether he is working behind the scenes or maneuvering interpersonal team member dynamics – he has become a valued team member who both leads others well and leads teams.”

– Eunice Au | Director, Institute for Cultural Communicators Academy

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Ascend is the Netflix of leadership! Dive right in to free, on-demand leadership development material. Simply create a free account and take an assessment to get customized training. From there you can access 100+ hours of content, tools, and pathways designed to help you know yourself to lead yourself. 

Create a High-Performing, Flourishing Team

Experience what I can do for your team in just 90 minutes! The 5 Voices Bootcamp is a workshop focused on maximizing team performance by understanding the leadership style of each person. Everyone will walk away with a personal development plan and tools to better understand those who think and act differently. It includes a free 30-day trial of GiANT’s Invincible Operating System.

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